It happens. Sometimes your teams are simply too busy trying to keep up with chart reviews to analyze your KPIs or make CDI program improvements—and if one or more on your team is new to CDI, maximizing the potential of your program can be that much more difficult.

ChartWise CDI Advisory Services is here to help you realize the full benefit of your ChartWise software.

Flexible and customizable to suit your needs
Select the training or services that will help you, your team, and your program.
Focused on your ChartWise software & reports
Dig deeper into your workflow and your own data with this integrated approach.
Devoted to the success of your program
Make the most of your CDI efforts with tips, training, and our expert guidance.

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This program centers on the required core competencies necessary for CDI performance and optimal outcomes, with a focus on ChartWise 2.0 software as a foundation. Topics include:

  • Roles, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Definitions and examples of CDI and coding nomenclature
  • The impact on quality outcomes
  • Clarification queries
  • Assessment metrics
  • A review of five customer-selected Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs) covering clinical and coding criteria, typical CDI scenarios, and common query topics

Following a quick revisit of the basics, the program will also include:

  • Recent industry changes
  • Common challenges in improving workflows and team relationships
  • Complex and secondary diagnoses
  • Moving from IPPS to VBP payment systems and their impact on quality
  • Deep dives into five customer-selected Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs) covering more complex diagnoses and query challenges

Get guidance and feedback on specific CDI and coding scenarios, query writing, coding rules, and references from your own personal CDI Advisor. Available for an annual fee.

This program provides your stakeholders with an interpretation of your monthly ChartWise reports, complete with recommendations for improved performance. Available for an annual fee.

Your ChartWise CDI Advisor will hold monthly conference calls with your CDI manager to review the ChartWise reports in detail. Discussion and plans for improved processes and performance will be shared, along with next steps for implementation to drive program metrics. Available for an annual fee.

Twenty records will be reviewed each quarter that were touched by CDI staff, based on specific areas of your choosing such as certain at-risk DRGs, missed query opportunities, etc. Based on the results of each audit, a written report and two hours of web-based education will be provided to the CDI and coding teams. Available for an annual fee.

Your ChartWise CDI advisor will work with you to define and document best practice standards, processes, and protocols to create a manual that assists in driving CDI team performance. We’ll help you analyze and improve your CDI workflows and productivity standards to remove bottlenecks your CDI program is facing.

Your CDI Advisor will visit onsite to provide industry updates and spend time rounding on the units with each of your CDI team members. This type of feedback and education is a great way for your CDI team members to ask questions, get help with processes, drive overall program performance, and foster team morale.

Your CDI advisor will meet onsite with your physicians and senior administrators to educate and update them on your program and important CDI topics. Fully customized to the topics and audience you would like addressed, we will work with you to create an informative education experience that shares the program performance, updates, victories, areas for improvement and plans for the rest of the year.

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  • “Your company really does demonstrate the highest level of customer service and other vendors could learn a lot from you. Thanks so much for all your hard work at Chartwise—it is appreciated (not to mention we love your product)!”

    Stacy Anderson, Director of Health Information Management Department and MBA, RHIA Havasu Regional Medical Center

    Havasu Regional Medical Center

  • “We increased reimbursement by $168,000 in the first month. You can track the difference with ChartWise.”

    Sherry D. Fralick, BS, CTR, Coding and Data Quality Manager

    HIM Department

  • “The ROI is hard to believe—but true! They didn’t believe me when I said it would pay for itself in 3 months. But it did!”

    Sherry D. Fralick, BS, CTR, Coding and Data Quality Manager HIM Department

    HIM Department

  • “ChartWise has made our reports better, and we’re better at reimbursement.”

    Dovie Huebert, CDI Specialist and RN


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