Advanced User Interface

Advanced User Interface

Give documentation specialists the tools to do their job efficiently and accurately, and have the biggest impact on quality data and proper reimbursement.

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Timeline of the Review

See how the documentation evolves as the admission is reviewed and queries are sent.

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Timeline of the Review
Query Library

Query Library

Standardized AHIMA conformant queries ensure a consistent and compliant program.

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Unmatched DataScan Reporting

Get real-time information on demand to manage your program and make immediate course corrections. Unrivaled reporting and management dashboards let you dig deeper into your data.

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Unmatched DataScan Reporting
Go Beyond CDI

Go Beyond CDI

Improve outcomes with DataScan Alerts that can notify your Case Management and Quality teams within minutes of admitting a particular diagnosis to mobilize resources and ensure quality measures are taken.

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We have built-in expertise. We call her “Sophia.”

Sophia can give you suggestions on other diagnoses to consider based on what is already on the chart, additional specificity that may be needed, and other areas to explore. Sophia’s knowledge of medications, lab values and procedures supplements the CDS’s own knowledge, helping to compile a more complete and accurate record of each patient admission.

Keep your Physician Advisor in the loop.

Need to escalate an admission to your Physician Advisor to get their input? Want them to review every case with a specific DRG? Are you an Advisor who wants to track the documentation on certain patients? Our integrated communication tools make it easy to stay informed.

Queries? We’ve collected the whole set for your convenience.

A complete library of AHIMA-conformant queries provide compliance and consistency to your program. Our built-in expertise offers suggestions on areas to query based on the information provided, helping the CDS focus on the important areas during the chart review. Queries can be sent electronically or printed for a paper chart, and can easily be managed through the CDS dashboards and via reporting.

Paper-based, fully electronic, or somewhere in between? We support you.

ChartWise supports your workflow both now and in the future no matter what your current process involves. Using best practices in the CDI industry, we track the review process of each admission from baseline data through to final billing, so that you will always know the status of your chart reviews, and can have an effective and efficient CDI program.

We’ve done a lot to make your work easier.

We use HL7 messaging to interface to your EMR data, pre-populating your admissions data and final billing data, and sending working DRG data to your coding system. And, we can even populate the baseline data from your CAC system, all helping save staff time, reduce manual entry, and improve quality.

Real-time data and reporting help everyone work smarter.

With our DataScan reporting and alerts, we not only give you up-to-the-minute, on-demand reports and dashboards to help manage your program, but we can also send out notification alerts to other care providers when targeted diagnoses are admitted. This lets your care managers and quality teams respond earlier for improved patient care and better outcomes.

We take patient privacy very seriously.

And we respect the trust that you place in us. That’s why we do everything we can to keep it safe. Using the strength of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, we protect patient data from the point of entry with our highly secure, fully-encrypted, HIPAA-compliant web-based application.

We’re full of useful information and we like to share.

Being able to work collaboratively with the coding department helps improve the quality of your chart reviews and the efficiency of your program. With the built-in TruCode Essentials encoder, your CDI staff has coding information at their fingertips, including code edits, Coding Clinics, and other reference materials.

People Like Us. Here's What They Have to Say.

  • “ChartWise has exceeded my expectations in the speed and quality of their product.”

    Leah Marasigan, Clinical Documentation Specialist and RN


  • “It wasn’t until we found ChartWise that we realized just how integral a system like this could become to the success of our CDI department.”

    Carla Fowler, RN, MBA, Former Director of Case Management and Clinical Documentation Improvement

    Colquitt Regional

  • “The ROI is hard to believe—but true! They didn’t believe me when I said it would pay for itself in 3 months. But it did!”

    Sherry D. Fralick, BS, CTR, Coding and Data Quality Manager

    HIM Department

  • “ChartWise is a complete departure from traditional CDI programs. Facilities are no longer dependent on long term, cumbersome and expensive consulting engagements to obtain improved documentation.”

    Starla StavelyRHIA, Former HIM Director

    Jennie Stuart Medical Center, Hopkinsville, KY

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