ChartWise and Dolbey announce “best-of-breed” technology alliance to link Computer-Assisted Documentation Improvement and Coding
Oct 28, 2013 | VIA BLOG | Posted 7:33 PM by Dr. Jon Elion

Organizations join forces to improve Revenue Capture through Improved Clinical Documentation

Concord, OH and Wakefield, RI – Dolbey Systems, a leading provider of Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC), and ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., the leader in Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI), have formed a technology alliance enabling ChartWise:CDI and the recently announced second-generation ChartWise 2.0 software to work seamlessly alongside Dolbey’s Fusion CAC™ application. With these best-of-breed offerings, hospitals will benefit from the integration between the strong and successful Dolbey CAC experience and the industry’s most advanced and unique CDI solution, resulting in a more efficient documentation and coding process, a more complete and accurate medical record, and ultimately, optimized reimbursement.

“The concurrent coding and abstraction capabilities of Dolbey’s Fusion CAC application provide the first step in an efficient documentation improvement process. By integrating their data into our system, the CDI specialists start with a baseline on which to build their documentation, reducing data entry,” according to Mary Cooper, Executive Vice President at ChartWise. “They can then focus on the missing documentation, ensuring a complete and accurate representation of the admission.”

The integration between these two powerful solutions is a first in the industry. “We recognize that our CAC solution is powerful and can assist an organization to navigate the challenges of today and the future. However, CAC can only read and suggest codes from documentation that exists. ChartWise goes the next step to help the user explore additional diagnostic scenarios and obtain the missing documentation in order to optimize legitimate reimbursement for the care provided”, states Chris Casto, Vice President at Dolbey. “Combining the expertise of ChartWise CDI with the natural language intelligence of our CAC solution is just plain smart business for healthcare.”

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