Outpatient Solutions

The Whole Patient Story

Outpatient Solutions

March 3, 2021

Expanding the Continuum of Care

The right approach to Outpatient CDI is a natural extension of the tools and processes your physicians are already using in the Inpatient environment, ensuring implementation success while capturing the entire patient story across care environments. Outpatient CDI software from ChartWise allows Accountable Care Organizations and Health Systems to extend the reach of their CDI program to Primary Care Ambulatory and Outpatient Clinic sites, capturing Risk Adjusted Factor (RAF) scoring and Hierarchal Condition Categories (HCCs) to optimize new payment methods based on these.

More of The ChartWise You Already Know

Review problem lists and build queries in an intuitive way. ChartWise software for the outpatient environment uses the same user-driven design and established workflows as our inpatient software, so your physicians won’t need to adapt to new workflows or learn new software. Our years of experience with risk adjustment as well as an easy to use and implement design mean that you can adapt to Outpatient CDI at your pace using the tools you know and the resources you have available.

RAF Score Experts

With the move from Fee-For-Service to Risk-Adjusted Contracts and Value-Based Payment, ChartWise already looked beyond the DRG in our Inpatient software. RAF scores better predict the resources needed for patient care and add a meaningful way to assess chronic conditions. So, we built a RAF calculator able to calculate the current nine CMS and all 30 HHS Risk Adjustment Models. With these scores defining reimbursement in the ambulatory setting, our expertise uniquely positions ChartWise clients to make the transition to Outpatient CDI, appropriately capturing HCCs in the context of RAF scoring.

Help When You Need It

ChartWise Outpatient software functionality is the next step to capturing the whole patient story, but not the last. Outpatient Advisory Services provide the knowledge and guidance in making the transition to Outpatient CDI as a total CDI solution.