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March 3, 2021

More Reviews. Fewer Denials. One Click.

Clinical Documentation Integrity is more than finding revenue opportunities in the patient record. Optimized CDI must review every record, apply every piece of available clinical evidence, and maximize every query to ensure all reimbursement opportunities and quality events are totally captured—without strain on the workflows between providers and documentation specialists.

NotePath Natural Language Processing (NLP) extends the AI enhancements already within ChartWise for prioritizing cases by clinical and quality indicators, automatically analyzing every clinical note and providing for one-click population of patient worksheets in an intelligently prioritized CDI worklist.

NLP With A Purpose

All NLP software reviews every case for clinical evidence and quality indicators. Every NLP solution prioritizes cases and pre-populates worksheets.

But only NotePath enhances CDI workflows and physician interactions through one click with the existing ChartWise application. ChartWise with NotePath is the only NLP designed as a comprehensive CDI approach to reimbursement, quality, case management, and denials prevention, offering flexible, scalable integration to your preferred EMR and coding tools. 

Not One Thing. Everything.

Improved productivity and CDS coverage, support of Value-Based Payment, and capture of all appropriate reimbursement with fewer denials mean Chief Financial Officers will love NotePath. 

And so will everyone else, because NotePath focuses on the entirety of the clinical record and navigating every piece of medical information, findings, and evidence. NotePath supports every initiative tied to the patient record and adds value to all of your EMR and Healthcare IT investments.

AI Squared

NotePath is more than an NLP add-on for clinical intelligence. NotePath multiplies the existing AI capabilities of the NoteWise AI rules engine that drives the core ChartWise application.

Together, NotePath and NoteWise create the most complete yet scalable AI solution in the industry. NotePath allows you to push even more clinical content into the advanced NoteWise system for exponentially more intelligent automation, prioritization, and reporting.

ChartWise AI-Driven CDI Platform.

Integrated CDI / Case Management / Denials Prevention Solution

COVID-19 Ready

NotePath / NoteWise / AI Modules

Automated EHR Clinical Records Analysis & Code Suggestions

Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning

Level of Care / Medical Necessity Guidelines

Ability to Integrate Partner Content

CDI / Pop Health Performance Dashboards & Analytics

AI / Analytics

ChartWise Core CDI Solution

  • MS/APR DRG Calculation & CDI Prioritization
  • AI-Generated Suggestions, Prompts, Alerts
  • Robust Library of AHIMA Compliant Queries 
  • Integrated Encoder/Coding Clinic Guidelines
  • Clinical Validation, PSIs & Co-Morbidities
  • Code Reviews, Edits & Billing Error Alerts
  • Quality, RAF, GLOS, SOI, ROM Score & Reporting




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