5 Benefits of ChartWise Clinical Documentation Improvement Software

When it comes to coding medical information, accuracy is of the utmost importance. ChartWise 2.0 is the leader in providing medical documentation improvement solutions to lower the risk of coding mistakes and maximize reimbursement. Besides improving precision in quality documentation to support revenue assurance, ChartWise 2.0 offers these 5 important CDI benefits:

1) User-friendly—ChartWise 2.0’s CDI software has an advanced user interface that’s easy for medical professionals to understand and use—so they can do their job efficiently and accurately. It uses HL7 messaging to interface with EMR data to pre-populate admissions and final billing data. Ultimately, this helps staff save time, reduces manual entry, and improves quality.

2) Easy timeline review—This allows users to see how the documentation evolves as the hospital stay is reviewed and queries are requested.

3) Standardized query library—This extensive library is AHIMA-conformant to ensure the program is consistent and compliant.

4) Real-time data reporting—Users can get up-to-the-minute, on-demand reports to help manage their CDI solutions. ChartWise can also send out alerts to other care providers when certain diagnoses are admitted. This allows care teams to respond earlier for improved patient care and better outcomes.

5) Cost efficiency—While other CDI programs can be quite expensive, ChartWise 2.0 offers an affordable solution to improve medical documentation.

Overall, ChartWise 2.0 is a smart, robust solution for addressing clinical documentation challenges. Find out more about ChartWise 2.0 here.