Health Information Managers

As a Health Information Manager, it is your job to ensure that your CDI program is helping clinicians capture accurate and complete documentation. You need a solid application that helps you run your program more efficiently and provides the reporting you require without relying on your IT staff.

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AHIMA-conformant electronic queries and their responses are stored in the application as PDF documents, and are easily retrievable and auditable.


ChartWise tracks the status of each electronic query, showing whether a response has been received and what that response was. It tracks the review history of each admission and reports on the productivity of an individual CDS or across your program. On-demand reporting also gives you insight into response rates, reasons for query, coding mismatches, and more.


Intelligent expertise is built in to ChartWise 2.0 to guide your CDI team. Diagnostic suggestions based on lab values, medications diagnoses and procedures help train your new CDS by assisting them in finding complications that have not been recorded in the doctor’s notes. Online help and web-based training make learning the application easy, helping to ensure a fast learning curve for new CDS staff.


ChartWise 2.0 gives you the flexibility to choose your own workflow and level of integration, whether paper-based, hybrid or fully electronic. Print queries and place in the chart for physician review, email a link to them for an electronic response, or embed the query in your EMR. Either way, we support your EMR and Meaningful Use initiatives.


Built-in intelligent expertise helps guide the doctor and CDS to provide a complete diagnostic picture that is supported by the medical evidence and provides the quality measure data needed for correct reporting.


ChartWise 2.0 translates the physician’s clinical terms into the coder’s diagnostic terms— without PowerPoint presentations and training sessions. The application will prompt for additional clarification, and offer suggestions based on lab data, medications and procedures.

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