Yahoo! Finance: The Jennie Stuart Medical Center Implements ChartWise Medical Systems to Improve Their Clinical Documentation
Jan 11, 2011 | VIA BLOG | Posted 3:14 AM by Dr. Jon Elion

WAKEFIELD, R.I. (January 11, 2011) – ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., ( announced today their partnership with Jennie Stuart Medical Center aimed at providing them with advanced Clinical Documentation software. ChartWise:CDI is a new software program that assists hospitals with improving clinical documentation to help maximize DRG-related reimbursements, reduce Medicare audit risk and provide oversight and compliance.

“From the first demo, it was evident that Chartwise was a powerful tool unlike anything else we’d seen. Using it as our documentation “expert” allowed us to bring our CDI Program online quickly and with minimal staffing adjustments,” said Starla Stavely with the Jennie Stuart Medical Center. “Anyone can learn the system, the tracking and reporting are very robust, and the physician queries are intelligently written,” she added.

ChartWise:CDI brings clinical documentation intelligence to a documentation improvement program. Developed by medical professionals to streamline the CDI process, it is a web-based solution that helps translate the physician’s clinical terms, medications and lab results into the diagnostic terms needed by the coding department to ensure proper billing. In addition, its electronic queries and query tracking, CDS tools, and comprehensive reporting make it indispensible in an organization. It gives the CDS staff more accurate information from the start, saving time and cutting down on sticky notes, e-mails and phone calls.

“ChartWise:CDI is providing Jennie Stuart Medical Center with solutions integrated directly from our rules-based expert system. It prompts users to consider overlooked diagnoses that can be combined into a DRG code, improving the accuracy and completeness of their documentation,” said Dr. Jonathan Elion, creator of ChartWise:CDI, “Our web-based application gives Jennie Stuart Medical Center a proven solution that adds clinical documentation improvement and overall value to their business.”

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