ChartWise:CDI Personal Edition Launches at 3rd Annual ACDIS Conference
Jun 3, 2010 | VIA BLOG | Posted 3:17 AM by Dr. Jon Elion

CHICAGO – With hospitals continuing to face increased documentation requirements from Medicare, ChartWise: CDI is making its Personal Edition available to clinical documentation specialists free of charge. ChartWise: CDI Enterprise Edition is a revolutionary hosted software system that helps hospitals maximize DRG-related reimbursements, prepare for their Medicare audits, and assist in oversight and compliance. It uses clinical documentation intelligence to assist hospitals in documenting DRG’s, supporting revenue assurance and ultimately leading to improved Medicare reimbursements. While the Enterprise Edition supports the activities of physicians, clinical documentation specialists (CDS), medical record coders and computing managers; the Personal Edition focuses primarily on providing the CDS functionality at no cost. “Following a successful launch at HIMSS and the immensely positive feedback received about ChartWise:CDI, we are very excited to offer the Personal Edition of ChartWise:CDI , which will give every clinical documentation specialist the opportunity to experience the incredibly valuable difference ChartWise can make in the documentation process,” said Dr. Jonathan Elion, creator of ChartWise:CDI. “In assisting with the clinical documentation process, we begin where other solutions leave off,” said Elion. ChartWise:CDI Personal Edition will:

  • Provide analysis and reporting on the impact of the clinical documentation improvement results for a single CDS user
  • Help to analyze the benefits of improved documentation using the innovative DRG Review, (limited to 60 days access)
  • Offer a growing library of compliant physician queries
  • Track physician queries and responses
  • Allow printing of queries for physician response
  • Provide an analysis of DRG’s with and without complications for single CDS user
  • Electronically store queries that have been submitted, making them available to support audits
  • Help hospitals maximize Medicare reimbursement

The company will be demonstrating ChartWise: CDI at the ACDIS Conference in Chicago on June 3-4 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

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