Chartwise Medical Systems exhibits Charwise:CDI Software at ACDIS 2012
May 1, 2012 | VIA BLOG | Posted 12:03 AM by Dr. Jon Elion

WAKEFIELD, R.I.– (May 1, 2012) – ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., (, an innovative Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) software company, will exhibit its ChartWise:CDI software product at the upcoming 2012 Fifth Annual ACDIS Conference in San Diego this May.

ChartWise recently unveiled new functionality for its flagship ChartWise:CDI product. The software now enables physicians, coders and hospital administrators to begin preparing for ICD-10 conversion by displaying the ICD-10 equivalent of any ICD-9 code they enter. In addition, the Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement software has built-in features which will allow the user to view the ICD-9 equivalent of an ICD-10 code after the transition to the new coding system occurs.

“It’s imperative that physicians, administrators, etc. be provided the tools to transition seamlessly to the ICD-10 coding system once it’s put into place,” said Dr. Jon Elion, founder and CEO of ChartWise. “ChartWise:CDI was created with that idea in mind and has the functionality to allow users to gain understanding of the new system in advance of its implementation. This familiarity will undoubtedly prove a valuable resource the closer we get to ICD-10 conversion.”ChartWise will be exhibiting its Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement software at booth #210 during the ACDIS conference on May 10-11 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA. The event aims to continue its tradition of offering a diverse range of sessions on the latest trends and cutting-edge techniques to enhance CDI programs.

About ChartWise ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. based in Wakefield, RI, is a medical software firm and the developers of ChartWise:CDI and ChartWise:CDI Personal Edition, a hosted solution for Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement. ChartWise:CDI’s clinical intelligence expertise assists physicians and clinical documentation specialists with increased efficiencies and completeness of documentation, queries and work flow. Developed by renowned physician, Jon Elion, M.D., ChartWise:CDI is the only documentation software that translates clinical language used by physicians into accurate diagnostic language required for documentation and reimbursement.


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