ChartWise Introduces ChartWise 2.0
Feb 18, 2014 | VIA BLOG | Posted 9:25 PM by Dr. Jon Elion

ChartWise Medical Systems Inc. has unveiled ChartWise 2.0, a new software platform that supports ICD-9 and ICD-10.

The software requires “only one query to be sent or one code to be entered to see results recorded in both code sets simultaneously,” the company said. Users can work in the current ICD-0 coding while concurrently viewing results in the ICD-10 format.

Other features include DataScan reporting that lets the user look at clinical documentation easier, and sets up alerts that can notify Case Management and Quality teams within minutes of key events.

“We started from the ground up, leveraging the most modern web delivery methods deployed in our Microsoft Azure cloud environment to deliver a solution for hospitals and medical centers that would raise the standard for CDI tools even higher than that set by our Version 1 product. Our DataScan reporting and alerts take ChartWise beyond CDI by providing the up-to-date information hospitals need to impact quality of care and improved outcomes,” said Jon Elion, M.D., founder and CEO of ChartWise. The software also includes built-in TruCode Essentials encoder and HL7 interfaces to reduce manual data entry.

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