ChartWise 2.0 Goes Above and Beyond for Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center
Jan 8, 2015 | VIA BLOG | Posted 6:43 PM by Dr. Jon Elion

The inevitability of change in coding looms large in the world of healthcare technology. In advance of the approaching ICD-10 conversion deadline, HIM professionals, hospital administrators and industry decision-makers are realizing the need for a more comprehensive Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) solution. ChartWise 2.0 from CACDI software provider ChartWise Medical Systems utilizes best-in-class functionality to streamline the clinical documentation process via efficient, sustainable, and easy-to-use software.

The Situation:

Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, located in Northern Arizona, opened in 1970 as Navapache Regional Medical Center. Summit offers an expansive array of services to nearly 90,000 local residents and tourists. And while the service area is large at nearly 3,000 square miles including the Apache and Navajo reservations and parts of New Mexico, the hospital is fairly small with 89 beds, 63 active physicians and 12 coders.

The regional medical center did not implement a CDI program until December 2013. Before then, only paper records were kept, and for a short time Excel spreadsheets were used. But when it became apparent that a better way to organize work and measure success was needed, Summit sought the right CACDI software solution to provide the results they were seeking. Summit had four specific needs in mind when deciding to implement a CDI software solution. First, they needed to fix organization and workflow issues. Second, they were looking to capture and effectively measure successes. Third, they needed to produce enough measurable progress to justify to the administration and governing board the need for a CDI program. And fourth, they wanted to be sure to choose a program that was ICD-9 and ICD-10 compliant with cross functionality.

Search and Action:

Upon making the determination that a CACDI software solution was the right move for them, Summit selected a CDI software program from another vendor, who subsequently discontinued the product. Now back at square one, Mandy Rogers, clinical documentation specialist and RN for Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, set out to find a new program. She called some of the bigger health systems in the local Arizona area to get opinions, and her team conducted its own independent research on viable candidates as well. After a thorough search, ChartWise was seen as having precisely the solution to deliver the results Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center was looking for.

“Honestly, until meeting with ChartWise’s representatives, we didn’t feel like any of the larger companies were very interested in working with a relatively small and rural hospital,” said Rogers. “We felt like they didn’t see the monetary value in it. ChartWise, as a company, seemed eager to work with smaller, rural healthcare organizations. They provided a timely turnaround with everything we requested and answered every question we had. They made themselves available to us at every turn. We were reassured when they informed us of their significant experience working with small, rural hospitals. ChartWise’s team was extremely friendly, honest, and down to earth. The price of the ChartWise 2.0 software solution versus the projected return on investment was also an extremely compelling factor when it came time to decide on a CACDI software provider.”

Tremendous Results:

Summit has seen a tremendous impact since implementing the software on July 1, 2014. Not knowing what to expect, Summit’s main goal was to increase complication or comorbidity (CC) and major complication or comorbidity (MCC) capture rates by 10 percent in the first year. However, the CDI case mix index (CMI) impact has seen an increase averaging 20 percent and a clinical documentation specialist (CDS) financial impact of $558,187 in approximately four months. MCC capture rates have increased by 37 percent and CC capture rate have increased by 22.8 percent since adoption. Naturally, these increases have pleased the CFO and impressed the hospital board, resulting in the approval for an additional CDS and many questioning why this was not done before.

Organization and workflow has improved with the features of ChartWise 2.0, and the hospital has been impressed with the ease of use and outstanding support from the ChartWise team. Rogers describes the feedback button on ChartWise’s software as “priceless.” Rogers also praises the fact that ChartWise is always open to suggestions for improvement.

“I know for sure that our program would not be 1/10th as successful as it has been without this software,” said Rogers. “In my opinion, the staff at ChartWise goes above and beyond to be supportive and helpful. I couldn’t be more pleased with our choice in software.”

ChartWise 2.0’s software has been able to capture reimbursement figures in real dollar amounts, allowing physicians to see how their documentation impacts reimbursement by entering their diagnoses into the application and viewing the side by side comparison between different codes. This action is often met with big eyes and a wide smile when they see the impact proper documentation can make. It also helps physicians understand why they are queried.

Summit is also pleased that ChartWise features ICD-9 to 10 crosswalk functionality, noting that the side-by-side comparison feature is an added bonus.

“Summit Healthcare has been an excellent partner, and we are proud to work with them,” said Mary Cooper, executive vice president of ChartWise. “They have done a tremendous job establishing a top-notch CDI program and we are eager to see the continued success and opportunities that lie ahead.”


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