6 ICD-10 products debut at AHIMA 2015
Sep 29, 2015 | VIA BLOG | Posted 4:51 PM by Dr. Jon Elion

ICD-10 is finally here, and the AHIMA show floor is filled with new possibilities

We highlight six of the most talked about new products on display and available for demo at the 2015 AHIMA Convention and Exhibit.

AHIMA Code-Check
In the midst of a spate of new ICD-10 products is AHIMA Code-Check, unveiled by AHIMA, just days before this year’s annual convention.

AHIMA Code Check not only provides answers to questions, but also it shows all the key steps necessary for finding the matching code in every situation, AHIMA executives say. AHIMA Code-Check is slated to launch on October 12, just days after the convention comes to a close. The service can be purchased on a subscription or as-needed basis.

Dragon Medical Advisor
Nuance Communications launched Dragon Medical Advisor, a next generation computer-assisted physician documentation solution that automatically provides real-time quality feedback to physicians while they are documenting patient encounters.

This, say Nuance executives, improves the completeness of clinical notes and helps provider organizations meet the impending ICD-10 requirements, justify medical necessity of care decisions, and support better patient care.

Dragon Medical Advisor processes physician notes using any input method – speech or keyboard – analyzes the structured and unstructured documentation within the notes, and automatically provides physicians with clinical documentation improvement recommendations based on industry best practices and guidelines.

ICD-10-PCS Query Wizard
ChartWise Medical Systems introduced its new ICD-10-PCS Query Wizard technology. ChartWise 2.0 software has built-in functionality to assist in the clarification of ICD-10 physician procedure codes.

The Query Wizard simplifies the process of procedure coding for health information management professionals. The software tool helps the user create built-on-the-fly customized queries to collect the necessary specificity from physicians. The result is more accurate and complete clinical documentation, and ultimately, proper reimbursement.

AGS Health coding solution
AGS Health, a global revenue cycle management company that provides medical coding and billing services to large physician practices, leading hospitals and health systems nationwide, is showcasing its coding solution.

“As a premier provider of revenue cycle management, we understand the critical role that coders play within the entire RCM process,” AGS CEO Devendra Saharia said. “The current labor pool shortage has created significant challenges for healthcare providers across the country in light of both the impending ICD-10 conversion as well as the increased compliance demands stemming from the passage of the Affordable Care Act.”

AGS has built a rapidly growing operation of more than 500 coders across multiple specialties and facility coding, and developed an in-house ICD-10-CM Training Academy. The Academy is led by an in-house team of experienced, AHIMA-certified ICD-10 trainers in the US and India.

Precyse Expert
Precyse, unveiled Precyse Expert, a HIPAA-compliant online solution connecting healthcare professionals with industry experts to receive fast, accurate and expert coding, billing, documentation, case management and regulatory support.

“Precyse Expert offers a second set of eyes and in-depth research that results in assurance that billing cases are compliant, and that optimum reimbursement is achieved. This can have a huge impact on the bottom line,” said Thomas Ormondroyd, vice president and general manager of Precyse Learning Solutions.

bestPT GEMs
BestPT Billing and EHR Software helps its clients make a smooth transition to ICD-10 with a five-part strategy called bestPT GEMs. It ensures that physical therapists make the best ICD-10 code selection. BestPT’s code selection tool remains effective beyond the transition helping practice owners to keep up with continuous changes from insurance companies.

The effects of the transition to ICD-10 will remain unknown for some time, says bestPT President Eldad De-Medonsa. “Because of a huge increase in the number of codes, a simple one-to-one mapping between the old and the new codes does not exist, as demonstrated in the standard GEMs tool. We leverage the cloud, billing experts, and artificial intelligence to analyze millions of insurance claims and generate effective transition rules,” says De-Medonsa.

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