by Dr. Jon Elion | Jul 8, 2015

While surfing the internet late one night, I read about the strange tale of Washington Irving Bishop, one of the great mentalists of the late 1800s. On May 12, 1889, he was giving a “thought-reading” performance in New York when he suffered a seizure and became unconscious. He recovered and continued his performance, only to …VIEW DETAILS

by Dr. Jon Elion | Jun 24, 2015

The 2015 meeting of the Association for Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS) just wrapped up in San Antonio, Texas. This was the largest ACDIS meeting yet, reflecting the growth in the industry. This year was characterized by the Four Ds: a greater DOCTOR presence, an interest in better DATA, frustration with hospital DECISION makers, and …VIEW DETAILS

by Dr. Jon Elion | Jun 10, 2015

After decades of experience with ICD-9, we have learned and come to grips with its quirks. We do not yet have that comfort level with ICD-10 — after all, it’s still pretty new to most of us in the U.S. I’m not really concerned about the diagnosis side of ICD-10 and its Clinical Modification, ICD-10-CM. …VIEW DETAILS

by Dr. Jon Elion | May 13, 2015

With all due respect to those who do an outstanding job designing and conducting comprehensive educational programs related to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), a good deal of what doctors needs to know about improving their documentation can be reduced to two simple words: “Due to”. A typical doctor’s note often contains a recitation of observations, …VIEW DETAILS

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