by Dr. Jon Elion | Nov 9, 2016

My first paying job in hospital-based software was the summer of 1969, working in the information technology (IT) department of the Lahey Clinic when they were still in Kenmore Square in Boston. One of my early projects was to help connect their accounts receivable system to their scheduling system. With the connection, a clerk could …VIEW DETAILS

by Dr. Jon Elion | Oct 3, 2016

I am taking a diversion from the usual CDI blog entry to recall a powerful episode from my early years training to be a physician. Patients with advanced alcoholism are at times frustrating and vexing to deal with, for a variety of reasons.  They can become very malnourished, and can have unusual vitamin deficiencies.  As the …VIEW DETAILS

by Dr. Jon Elion | Sep 7, 2016

I have discussed the benefits of pursuing the complete medical record, as opposed to simply trying to improve reimbursement, in previous blog entries. I am fond of saying (and usually put this into every presentation I do): If you pursue reimbursement, you will miss the High Quality Medical Record … but … If you pursue …VIEW DETAILS

by Dr. Jon Elion | Aug 3, 2016

I don’t believe that it has ever been acceptable to simply look at Case Mix Index (CMI) alone as a measure of the impact of a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program. Given the current activities surrounding Value Based Purchasing (VBP), an even greater imperative exists for both a robust, well-rounded CDI program, and comprehensive statistics …VIEW DETAILS

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